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.13 二月 2009 11:01 下午 Y

2008 passes nt long but it is a dramatical yearfor me and my company, which i tink i will nv forget in my whole life....

I will nv forget the agony for pain i went thru, hai. I dono shld it be consider lucky that i still can maintence my dis job or to hate the person he gave mi dis job. Life is like a twist of fate, From the beginning i have a very gd job, gd enviroment happily working but because of "money" this word. Cause my gd & comforfy job & enviroment to turn upside dwn in a fews mth. At First after the winner party won this battle he wanted to fired all the employee to take revenage but in the end hu noe all the employee resign without a job except for me alone who is still staying to work wif the winner hu wanted to fired mi one. It is so contradict... I was in the dilema whether shld i follow them shld i go against my will to sacifice for $$$.

In the end i let my boss dwn by following the winner... althought i noe the winner juz wanting to make use of mi but i still continue. Even though i know that i am juz a toy but i still continue.. it was really agony by looking & haf 2 bear my colleague one by one leave mi...

My life, My Way

.20 十一月 2008 6:54 上午 Y

today is the fourth day of the big changes of my company but i m still very sad... i been sleepless for 2 nites already.. hw long is my sadness going 2 stop? Nx wk i will witness 1 more colleague leaving mi hope tt i won cry

My life, My Way

.17 十一月 2008 10:04 下午 Y

Sad Day @ Office

Haiz Finally all the agony of the aqusition have finish... my boss lynn & jeff 2dae have left the company after working with them for about 2 1/2 yr cumin to 3yrs le. Feeling very sad have to sent them off. I dono whether shld i thanks them or hate them for juz leaving us in the lurch. where we have to fight everything by ourself nw. Hate them for dumping us? o thanks them for give us so many freedom whenever we need off or help?

No more half day for christmas eve, no more day off for cny no more christmas gift & hongbao fr them... n so on.. feeling very sad all this seem to be gone

The worse thing is my colleague all is leaving the company except mi and i have to watch them 1 by 1 leave mi. Now i understand why they sae when u live longer does not mean to be happy coz u haf to c ur loves one 1 by 1 leave u.

I dono did i make a right choice for staying behind... hopefully i won regret my choice

My life, My Way

.07 十月 2008 10:37 下午 Y

Blog-yee i m back after mia for so long.. Getting more n more lazy to update hehe anyway nw i m so fanatsy over this korean girl group "Wonder girls" they are lyk korean pussy doll.
They are very young oldest onli 1988 onli, sound lyk i m getting older liao sian.. some hw after seeing their mtv inspire mi tt i really really muz rch my target weight by end of dis yr which is juz 3kg away hope 2 mth times can slim dwn then nx yr i can set another target 45kg wooh lord plz bless me determination.
Exam is coming soon, hope that i can pass all module proceed to sem 2. Muz nt slack liao coz tink of all my hard-earn $$ become a sacred to my sch fee

My life, My Way

.10 八月 2008 10:26 下午 Y

Hi all, it been times since i update my blog liao haha! tink sme of my mate already stop blogging liao but c mi still standing strong haha...

Since i start my part-time course, really no time to do my things so after this don't know wen i can haf the time 2 update.

During this period, smething very drastic in my workplace happen which make mi very lost till nw my mind is still in a lost... dono hw 2 move on. Life has been quite a low morale and stressful for me. Getting more n more exhaust by all this.. i m very happy wif my current enviorment in which i don wish to change any of it.

Hope that everything can go smoothly for me

My life, My Way

.24 六月 2008 11:03 下午 Y

Ever since yr 1 of my poly life i have been working non-stop till now i still working regardless whether is it a full time o a part time job for my daily expenses as well as those.

I have been waiting & waiting for so long that the day i can lightening up my expenses, finally i waited for the day to come but nt much response fr it, wat i get is my naggyness for it. Do i deserve all this? is my waiting , my endurence, my sacifice worth it mah?

All i hoping was sme lightening of my expenses, but yet wat i can see now? future? I have been keeping quiet about it for this few years coz i hope tt all i done is not bai fei 1. Can i be able to lessen my stress & pressure.

I hope tt all i done is not in vain

That all i have to sae

My life, My Way

.22 六月 2008 11:21 上午 Y

after effect of the 13th fri

Recently alot things happening to my surrounding, 1stly is my granduncle pass away very suddenly coz 1 week ago then he knew he gt lung cancer, den 1 week later juz gone , tink shld b quite a sudden news. Den his big uncle @ malaysia also suddenly pass away nt noeing the reason y. dis morning my bro juz dislocate his hand. hope the bad luck can faster fly away.....

my sch starting soon, hope tt i can cope with my schmate & schwork

My life, My Way



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