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.11 八月 2004 10:58 下午 Y


dis few days nv blog becoz after work 2 tired liao. Hope to improve my design layout of my blog, but too lazy to ask ppl 4 help coz they seem so buz don dare to bother them for help. shall try 2 edit by myself if can but it seem lyk need 2 dl many software to import my pic o song but my lappy have little space left 4 mi 2 install smemore software
hope to learn to play piano,especially the long vacation song coz it seem quite sentimental to mi, also wan 2 watch "catwomen","Cinderalla" and many many more movie but don noe haf de $$$ 2 watch mah haiyo!
feeling so sick nw don noe wan 2 go sch 2molo o nt? i already miss 1 lesson for 2molo database module liao but if i don go 2molo den i last 2 wk muz cum liao den cant 我的小老鼠 liao coz his pp day on dis day but don noe he appreaciate o nt later he don den i 白费工夫liao.

hope tt nx time i blog my layout could improve n input more interesting things

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