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.20 八月 2004 9:49 上午 Y


I am so 烦 nowadays, it just seem like wateva things i do doesn't go smoothly, it sux totally sux . I am so dao mei. I am so contradicting of my life, 1 moment i can want that particular thing, another moment i can want another thing. Can i stop being lyk tt. I hate it, it seem lyk I so fickle-minded. O mayb I am 2 greedy liao! O God plz save mi. I felt so sad n left out in, y am i such a failure, such a timid person for de detail don wish to sae y I am feeling that. I am so poor nw nt onli in $$ sense in everything friendship,relationship,kinship( don noe gt spell correct o wrong? I am getting more n more easily frustrated, no longer de old mi liao. I felt that i have change to another person whom i also don noe hu am i nw. I am so lost? hu can lead mi 2 my path. I am lost really lost.
O mayb is I tink too much, but I now alway had this type of feeling, I want 2 change b a better person. I am so poor, nw is lyk 一无所有。

My life, My Way



Abt Mi

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[[* Namee: Kah Leng *]]
[[* Genderr: GurLx *]]
[[* Relati0nshipp: Aattach *]]
[[* Agee: 22 "tis years" *]]
[[* Birthdaee: 1/3/1985 *]]

` Likes.

[[* .Eey0ree. *]]
[[* .miee.familyy. *]]
[[* .dear. dear. *]]
[[* .myselff. *]]
[[* .c0mputerr. *]]

` Hates.

[[* UnReAsOnAbLe.ppL*]]
[[* .BaCkStABbEr. *]]
[[* .IdIoTIc.PpL. *]]
[[* .BeTrAyEr. *]]
[[* .NaGgInG.PpL *]]

` Wants.

[[* .Happy everyday. *]]
[[* .Holiday Trip. *]]
[[* .$$$. *]]
[[* .Slim dwn. *]]
[[* .Gd Luck *]]

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