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.29 八月 2004 10:57 下午 Y

off day

"Samuel taken @ aiyun chalet" Posted by Hello

haha yest was so great, gt off fr my work 1 day, so preious sia coz 4 mi 2 take off in wkend was lyk impossible 4 mi luckily i gt de off early coz don noe y wen i wan 2 take off other part-timer will also wan 2 take off, everytime clashes wif mi sia . any way dis morning went 2 xiao lao shu hse 2 wake him up den after tt we went 2 ai yun chalet with little mouse, @ 1st i was quite apprehend to bring him dere coz u noe my friend is mainly nt erm normal erm, *****, don noe hw 2 sae lah. he @ 1st wasn't use to b dere coz he felt left out. but lucky janice n her husband came n they brough Samuel hehe! he is juz so cute, he is my little xiao shuai ge, wen he was small he look lyk ang moh but nw he grew up still cute but don haf tt ang moh features liao. he is so greedy sia hu ever was holding de food ar he sure go dere 1, haha i even trick him 2 call mi jie jie instead of auntie although i am de same age as janice, haha if he call mi auntie no marashallow 4 him haha muz call jie jie den gt, so poor thing sia he every bite he eat muz call mi jie jie 1st haha so funny sia, den we play until 11+ den we go hme, lucky alvin janice's husband sent us 2 bedok thank man o else we sure haf trouble going back home coz i didn'y bring much cash wif me to take cab. thk alvin although he might nt c dis haha.
hmm trying 2 put a tagboard here so tt can c u all de comment but i also don tink gt 2 many ppl will c dis coz i didn't let too many ppl noe abt my blog sia haha!

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