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.04 九月 2004 11:47 下午 Y

New look!

Don noe y my blog log very slow ar???
Yeah finally i can cut my hair liao, my hair nw is so thick n messy, look damm slag wen i am stress coz i will let dwn my hair, and my hair will look lyk a bomb. so ugly.
Hope 2 reborn my hair, n thin my hair wonder do it fit my face o nt.
yEAH FINALLY sch holiday is wallking 2ward mi liao! but holiday also lyk nt holiday 2 mi sia!hai! sad!
mi n xiao lao shu going 2 b 9mth 2gather liao, hai time really flies very fast sia. I felt tt i really give up a lot of things 2 b wif him, i haf lost many thing as wat they sae wen u gain 1 thing u sure will lose other thing. I don noe whether my decision is correct o wrong 1. But i already walked so far fr here already. But i feel de most gulity thing is I havben tell my parent abt it yet. I really hw 2 bring this things up 2 my parent. Coz my father is conservative type, he scared i will gt cheat, coz u all noe i am kind of blur, seem lyk very easy 2 bluff 1. How 2 convince him? I don wan 2 lie 2 them anymore i feel so gulity on the other side i don noe wat 2 do. dilemma????
but since i haf already chosen dis path tt no turning back already, i only haf 2 walk straight, look straight.
Hope 2 improve myself

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