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.10 九月 2004 11:03 下午 Y

Wat am I going 2 do?

Mi back, so tired fr work manz actually 2dae i onli supose need 2 work until 3pm 1 but xiao lao shu sae he went out wif his friend, @ 1st I am kind of angry coz last nite be4 put dwn de fone sae hao will tell mi whether he going sch o nt, o going out. he didn't even sms o call n tell mi. muz wait until i sms him den he tell mi he going out wif his friend. den i ask him whether he wan mi 2 go join him o ? . He ask mi 2 go hme n rest lor. I was quite angry it seem lyk as if i haf 2 value 2 him he didn't even bother 2 contact mi 2 let mi noe muz i go contact him.
Yesterday I suddenly tink abt hw long mi n him can last, I haf no idea becoz my parent don noe abt it yet,if my parent found out abt it wan mi 2 stop. I am sure xiao lao shu sure happy 1.
I feel so lost and naive. I though dis could continue but after smetime it seem lyk it need an ans 2 it I cant continue being lyk dis.

Hai so many days nv go sch liao, nx wk muz go sch sia, 1 sem juz fly pass so fast sia. nx sem gt 2 change class again. actually i am quite used to de sch change class liao. don noe hw my nx sem going 2 survive? n wat will my love life b? will it end?????
de other thing is tt i muz tried 2 slim dwn. get back my last time wk hehe

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