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.19 十月 2004 11:33 下午 Y

hehe back

today went to badminton so tired sia, todae whole day rainning so did't went outside n run, end up going gym but then the gym pack wif those volleyball ppl sian sia, gt 2 fight wif them 4 de equiment to use. but don noe no need 2 spend hard time the machine can b use liao, i train myself hard on the machine hoping get rid of those fats inside my body, i am growing fat si no matter wat i muz drop my weight i muz be back to my old weight 45kg although it seem lyk a long way 2 go but then i would still try my best to do it no matter wat!!
But den after the hardworkout i went to eat wif weijie, jas,fish and eric hai tink i get back wat i loss earlier saded. i muz loss weight i muz b able to wear those nice nice clothe i bought nv 2 let other ppl call mi fat pig.
today nv meet up wif my xiao lao shu, but i don sad o neglected as i have learn to b more optimistic abt dis liao, coz if i put in too much energy on dis too shang shen liao so i juz let de nature b bah. Since to him is family 1st, 2nd friends den the last 1 is mi lor. i tink i am alway de last person he thought of bah.
hahaha gt off on dis cumin sat but don noe whether i can enjoy my day o nt o mayb a bad day bah, but still i manage 2 escape working 4 1 wkend don need 2 serve those idoitic cust n face ppl face colour.

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