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.05 十月 2004 9:34 上午 Y


so long nv blog liao ever since i reformat my laptop. sad! coz sme of my song is gone n sme of my data. misses them.
time flies so fast sia de last time i blog i sae that holiday i am going 2 do wat n wat so on blah blah ! but nw is reaching de end of the holiday liao! hai i don noe y dis holdiay i am so stress sia wif my work dere especially coz dere desperately need ppl. nw onli gt mi boss n ai huay working dere also. it is quite stress because if any1 of us wan 2 get off is very diffcult, ai huay is a malaysian she also been wanting 2 go back malaysia but cant go hai. so sad n poor thing 4 her sia. 4 mi leh also if mi wan 2 tk off need 2 plz n plz o if i was to tk half, after i leave my boss will give black face i really don noe hw 2 surivive tt day if i need 2 tk off gt 2 c his black face hai! so sorry xiao lao shu n my friends cant tk off de time 2 acompany u all. hope tt we can faster find worker den can lighten our job. the nx thing is ai huay going 2 quit liao coz she is moving 2 bukit merah liao! which is quite far 4 her 2 cum here n work. sad my holiday juz lyk tt waste hai sad!
but yesterday i manage to get off, pei xiao lao shu cut his long hair. wah muz nag n nag den he will go cut his hair ar so long n thick liao still don wan 2 cut haiyo! haf a nice day wif him hai after yesterday pei him i tink mayb 4 de rest of dis wk won pei him liao coz i gt camp n work cant pei him n another thing is tt normally br4 sch reopen on sun i will meet him but i don tink i can meet up wif him coz ai huay will tk de off 1st hai sad sia. wan 2 upload mi n xiao lao shu tk de pic but dere is sme prob.

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