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.28 一月 2005 8:22 上午 Y

I feel lyk a loner

Blogging now in school. Waiting for the fac to come, think i rch sch too early liao 2dae. I was kind of piss off with everything yesterday. It seem like all the things i have been doing not smoothly. Recently I found there a drop in my daily grade from B to C. Maybe no mood bah. Don really know why am i behaviour is like this, i seem to like no mood to do things. I am tired of everything. Xiao lao shu sae nt onli i am the onli 1 tired he also tired but wat can b more tired then mi. when i have to bal my schoolwork, family, friends, work and last of all relationship. I gt so many things to fan!!!
schwork scaared tt my grade could not improve, family -- my father is a very yi shen yi gui person all the thing ppl do he tink muz haf yin mou 1, my bro is another 1 tt piss mi off. friends-- smetime i feel tt i am lyk a loner, morning come school by myself ,afternoon go hme by myself. smetime wen i am hungry feel lyk asking ppl 2 pei wo is either they buz o MIA. Smetime will feel lyk asking xiao lao shu 2 pei wo but he is alway buz if nt wif his sch work den is wif his friend. I FEEL LIKE A LONER. no 1 to turn 2. Although i haf a bf nw but i could nt feel anything from him. i everytime walk past those couple. they are alway there, lky go canteeen whereas mi n him lyk stranger. Even jas sae nt much ppl noe abt mi n him unless is those who are close to mi. Becoz we lyk seldom together. Like gwen she every morning will meet her bf to makan. she stay jurong, her bf stay bedok also willing to sent her hme hw abt mine. mi n him live nt so very far, tk cab onli need abt 20-30min but yet he alway nv sent mi hme by saeing no $$$ (if no $$ in the 1st place you shld save it 1st be4 spending it, lyk mi everytime wen go ur hse i will make sure tt i keep a $10 note in my wallet so tt can use) it give mi the feeling you r nt trying ur best. if nt u will sae u r tired o stomach pain i don noe yy issit so coincidence !!!! if nt u will sae wan 2 save $$. i was very sad nan dao save more $$ is more impt den my safety mah? if seem lyk u don even concern abt my safety. TT yy i am having dis idea of u heckcare heck care. wen u told mi nv speak doesn't sae don care, but if is action. but i don c ur action. Don u tink action speak louder den word. u remember wen u were wooing mi so many ppl told u already "action speak louder then word".
You told mi you won be rude to mi but yet wat u did on sat was a very disappointing thing for mi, u ownself sae u don lyk or find it rude tt if ppl was to slam dwn ppl fone but yet u slam my fone wat does it mean may i noe??? it is a very rude behaviour u noe? wen my hp already going 2 spolit dn my father as it if mine fault wen it is nt even my fault. my father was already scolding liao , yet y down there down dis 2 mi is lyk wen u need concern i add salt n spice 2 it hw will u feel??
smetime i find tt u don even respect mi @ all by forcing mi 2 sae rude words in public lyk wen i am toking 2 u will lyk force mi 2 commit the mistake dis is a disrespect 4 mi u noe.

wen i c ur friend lyk treat his gf wif care, for example wen he late he will aplogise n sae sorry, buy 4 u wen u late u didn't even sae anything sae lyk dis walk off lyk nthing happen is juz tt i am waiting 4 u 2 sae, wen i am a bit late u would complain sae u purposely wake up early liao den yet i still late. Den i also saw tt ur friend auto sae wan 2 sent his gf hme, his gf sae nvmind he still insist but 4 u i duo mo xi wang u can tell mi that u wan 2 sent mi hme wifout i asking.

I feel lyk a stupid fool, i guess no body can b as stupid as mi 4 dis part i shall nt comment wat thing i do. but is i lyk i trying so hard yet u are trying 2 breaking it "stop breaking a gurl heart if u nv tink to mend it back i can tell u"
all dis while seem lyk i am de onli 1, all by myself

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