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.31 一月 2005 4:15 下午 Y

PP day

Today is my PP day, thought can sleep until late late den wake up, but den gt wake up by my mum she ask mi go c polyclinc because of my skin problem hai!! so long still havben recover from my skin prob ever since last yr nov until nw. I remember my skin problem started off wen xiao lao shu tt time was seriously ill till nw. xiao lao shu recover liao i still havben yet hai saddded. There go my "mei leg". Then rch the polyclinic abt 8.45am. Waited so long 4 my turn wah lau until abt 10.35am then hao. took mi abt 2hrs. Then cause mi to b late to meet my zi nu zi.

Meet her @ 11.30 which was suppose to b 11.15 was 15min late. sorry 4 making u waiting hehe! gt my hair dye liao, it wasn't as long as i excepted. I thought it would took mi 3hrs to dye but it was quite fast as last time i @ my aunt there dye took mi half of my day sia, sit until backside pain pain 1. zi nu zi head giddy so she left 1st. Mi after tt bought food back 4 my mum den eat. I was so hungry sia hehe! wen i rch hme i finish all de food very fast. ya last fri, mi n my friend went to makan the sinlin oyster mee sua den we as 4 more spring onion then, the person don understand watis spring onion meh stupid idiot.

Hai felt lyk a replacement ! yesterday wen i go online, i log in to friendster saw he put mi n his foto i was so happy, but i pause a moment, i tink tt foto is i uploaded 4 him den he approve 1. So sad is nt he own self put 1 is i help him 1. rang wo "kong huan xi yi chang".

Sat went out wif him, was quite angry @ 1st wen he call n tell mi he couldn't make it on time den smemore change the venue, it seem lyk it is quite hard 4 him 2 sacrifice bah afterall, i don tink i wan 2 put so high hope on him liao bah. the higher the hope i put on him the higher is the lvl ofmy disspointment. becoz i was suppose to meet fahyi so tt she can pass mi de notes hu noe he disrupt everything tt i had plan becoz of his lateness n change venue, even thought i woke up early in the morning to wake him up seem useless le bah!!
even though i am angry but wen i c him i control my anger coz i promised him tt i won show him black face. after tt we went to suntec as he change the venue fr meeting @ my hse to suntec haii!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we went eating @ the kopitiam 1st den went to giordiono buy jean for him as all his jean lyk cant make it 1, den so on n so on had a enjoyable time, den he sent mi hme le bah, i tink i sent him hme more den he sent mi hme bah. when going hme time he kept on saeing i song u hme liao don sae i nv song dis word make mi feel as if i force him lyk tt, i cant feel his sincere in it hai saded!!! then wanted to go many places such as queenways but den he sae dere gt nth 2 buy o he still gt go out wif his friends to buy mayb he feel more happy wif his friends den mi bah, nw i left wif nt much friend as him as i last time choose to b wif him most of the time den neglected my friend, i tink mayb i am huo kai bah nw m friend nt tt much liao!

Today nv meet xiao lao shu becoz he had test 2molo, den mi also have test 2molo. juz nw rachel call mi 2 go play majong on fri, call xiao lao shu whether he wan mah but is still de same old ans muz c whether can gt go out wif his friend bah! saded he get 2 c his friend everyday, eat wif them study wif them as 4 mi wen i am trying so hard 2 find time 4 him he neglected it. mayb will nt get 2 c him dis wk bah seem lyk his friend is placed in front of mi wo hao bu rong yi gt time 2 meet him, he everytime go meet his friend make mi feel lyk a replacement is onli wen his friend cant make it to go out den i gt the chance 2 go out wif him.
Mon --- gt 2 study 4 2molo marketing ut so cant meet him
tue---- gt 2 work cant get 2 c him
wed --- gt 2 study accounting ut cant get 2 c him
thur---(free) but don noe he wan 2 meet his friend if his friend can make it, i tink dere go my chance of meeting him le bah, althought i purposely don put work on dis day so tt i can pei him but don noe he will appreciate it mah o lyk last wk lyk tt bah. xiang qi lai last wkdays onli mon n wed pei him n both day is i request 2 meet him 1, even if on sat is i purposely get off 1, hao bu rong yi get off i am so happy but yet wat he did 2 mi hai!!
fri--- go rachel hse n play majong, hopping him can pei wo but i tink as usual if his friend ask him out dere go my chance.

wondering wen i can watch my movie de "elektra" hope he remember it.
anyway may b i shouldn't complain so much, xiao lao shu mayb too stress nowadays, i should mayb carve a path all by myself to know what i really want in my life

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