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.03 二月 2005 7:46 上午 Y

back aching

later having my ut 3 accounting, hai tink dis time gone case liao, don noe will get a "E" or "F".
Yesterday don noe y my back start 2 aching and is terrible pain., tink i really sprain my back. it did nt get worse the past few wks , it turn real pain wen i going 2 xiao lao shu hse. lucky xiao lao shu help mi 2 carry and tk things 4 mi! thk if nt i sure in real pain. yesterday have a enjoyable time with him. He help mi 2 massage 4 mi my back. But still the pain still there.

When i reach hme it became even more pain, so my father help mi 2 "tui na" so pain, den after tt didn't tok much wif xiao lao shu becoz his throat pain pain den i tok 2 him less then 3 min den put down the fone liao! den i went 2 slp but i could not slp, i totally could not move haf 2 slp straight straight 1, if i was to turn den my back pain until i wan 2 cry. then @ abt 1 am+ i woke up by my pain, my parent c mi cant tahan the pain then they give mi eat pandol as mi don go sch, but i gt ut cant don go hai saded. then the nx morning i woke up feel better but the sprain is still there. don noe after ut shld i go hme o stay back. if i was to stay back, den shld i go c doc or go wif xiao lao shu 2 c movie mah, but xiao lao shu sae he cant confirm wif mi whether can go c movie mah becoz scared tt he is too stress, den cant go c movie liao hai saded.

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