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.12 二月 2005 2:09 上午 Y

"boring day"

today is CNY 3rd day, time fly so fast. Shall update wat i did during the past 3 days.
Day1, slp till 11am, go to my father side 4 a while then go to my grandma hse for quite long until 2, over there i meet all my cousin all @ 1 time so i get 2 clooect all my hongbao @ 1 time 1st time man collect all @ 1 time, after tt go hme liao, so sian gt 2 stay hme 1 whole day lucky gt maple 2 play n tok 2 my xiao lao shu.

Day2, work up early in the morning go to my big uncle hse coz gt 2 rush to my boss hse, abt 12pm i leave my big uncle hse go to sengkang but too early wanted to go eat the roti prata but no space to park so went 2 compass pt too early so walk walk but nt too many shop gt open so juz walk walk c 1 gordiano sweater quite nice but don haf my size hai nw on offer 40% discount. After dis went 2 find out where my boss hse so tt i can bring the rest to his hse dere. while waiting 4 the rest to come i call xiao lao shu den he told mi tt better nt to go to his yishun aunt hse becoz later they tink i wan ang bao fr them. so went to my boss hse wif shaherra n aziyan n zi yong n haqiem. my boss treat us pizza hut n KFC eat until full full. after tt call xiao lao shu c where is he den he sae meet mi @ bukit panjang wah lao so far i was @ bedok hai so tk mrt all the way 2 bukit panjang i don noe hw 2 tk the LRT so diffcult 2 understand the map sia alway gt lost 1 mi. call him though he waiting 4 mi @ the LRT but instead he still havben leave his relative hse, after tt went 2 his relative hse feel kind of awkard lyk so paiseh. later he sent mi hme, my parent wasn't @ hme so i invited him heheh! tink is time 2 tell my parent abt dis feel lyk a failure sia my eiqttute lyk so bad hai, eat until the mushroom can drop onto the floor hai! so paiseh.

today went 2 work fr 11-3 after tt went hme den my cousin came 2 my hse , den @ nite went 2 my cousin hse again den come back hme

2molo work full shift so sian sia, sunday tk off becoz xiao lao shu sae tt went 2 go eat steamboat wif his friend if his friend forget then we go out lor. hope sunday could b a happy day, hope he plan everything nicely n nt crop up o last min thing

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