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I have been wondering this for a very long times. What is the differences between ur so-called "mei mei" n ur girfriend? i really know what the differences between it. You c a guy can treat the same way to his gf n his mei is juz tt he n his "mei" no physical touch. he can scold his "mei mei " y so late den slp nv tk care of urself, he also can sae the same to his gf also. Like when the mei too long nv come sch becoz of sickness the kor kor will sae issit becoz u nv c mi den u sick. so hw shld the gf feel? or when the kor kor call his "mei mei" girl girl, n his "mei mei" call him " boy boy" hw shld the gf feel, if muz wait till the gf tell the b liao den he will change shld she b sad ??
if the "mei mei" everyday do wat ? the kor kor will noe. so what is the real relationship? or the "mei mei" everyday call her "kor kor" juz to tell him tt she jealous . hw shld the gf feel. the worst past is the gf being call " da fei zhu" hw shld the gf feel?

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