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.28 二月 2005 11:41 下午 Y

happy birthday to myself

wah so fast 1 yr pass le i am 20 liao. cant believe tt i lived 4 2 decade liao so long hai but during dis 20yrs i find that i am growing to b more mature le. at the same time i also trying to be independent becoz i don wish 2 depend on sme1 o else if 1 day tt sme1 leave mi i might nt imagine wat i can do so i muz learn to be more independent.

still remember tt yr 18yrs old hw i spend my birthday, i haf a cold war wif mine friend until now i still don noe whether issit being recover le mah , collect my o lvl result alone walking hme in the rain crying while walking in tt rain so disppointed wif everything @ tt time i guess no 1 noe abt it as the rain was so heavily tt it cover up all my tears. smemore nx day gonna work no1 remember my birthday except my parent hu bought pizza 4 mi.

dis yr tink lyk mayb better den last time where no1 remember.
but dis yr xiao lao shu nv do as much as last yr le! hai though he will wish mi birthday today be4 12 but den he tired so he went 2 slp 1st hai in de end no 1 pei wo past 12 alone by myself again smemore he 2molo gt NAFA test, last wk wen he told mi tt he sae he gt NAFA on my birthday den cant pei wo de 1st moment tt came 2 my mind is is he having NAFA de whole day o mayb after the NAFA he too tired liao den after going out wif his friend den he go hme nt sure whether 2molo wan 2 go out wif him mah hai sad my birthday in de end he tired gt 2 go wif his friend 4 dinner hw hw? wat shld i do. even mine present he havben even collect it, although whether i have present o don haf i also don mind but once he tell mi liao den he sae he forget 2 tk hw 2 nt b sad,den he 2molo pp, gt free day onli need 2 cum sch 4 NAFA don noe whether he will go collect o mayb he drag till nx time den the reseravation being buy by others liao hai sad liao! mayb i go back to my old form

2dae gt my O lvl result in de end get E8 again dis is my 3rd time retest my eng o lvl saded n tired liao! i don noe whether shld i retest again hw hw ? feeling so sad rite nw

mayb i am use to hw 2 spend my birthday liao as starting fr 4yrs old onward i nv have a birthday party liao! still remember i primay 4 tt yr my birthday i tell my teacher is my birthday den i am giving up sweet, coz last time everytime wen 1 of the student birthday they will sing bithday song or will help to distibute the goodies bag. then when i after distribute liao all the sweet then teacher forget to sing song nvmind the class also nv sing hai tt de saddest i thought be4 going hme they will sing in de end nv hai i am so sad tt time

wanted 2 buy a hair clip coz i lost mine hai saded den he ask mi 2 buy nx day but i dying 4 a clip do he noe?

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