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.01 二月 2005 1:38 下午 Y

IE spolit

dis morning haf my Marketing ut 3, tink i going 2 get bad grade again, nt suppose to use point form to ans the essay q, but wen i was abt 2 press "del" for those pt form that i put, den time out saded liao!!
Change laptop wif xiao lao shu coz i tink my IE cant use. Then change back with him find that my IE could nt b save liao!! william try 2 save my IE but still cant, tink dis time bung liao ! gt 2 reformat. Hai but i nv do backup 4 my laptop. Tink mayb after dis wk den i reformat bah hai saded liao. want 2 buy new laptop but my father sae u onli left less den 1 yr change laptop very waste $$ hw sad liao, sme more my laptop batt can onli last max 15 min! cant tahan liao!
Den finally, william help mi 2 install the firefox den nw can use thru tt, but i still wan back my IE saded !
today module is marketing and i forget to bring the notes i fotocopy fr celine , hai so forgetful. then went online msn so many ppl but none of them reply mi, so sad no body wan 2 reply mi. they all seem so buz . so bore .
Then i register 4 de open hse activity so tt i can get more DA pts. Hai tink i gt 2 tk off again don noe my boss allow mah. hope tt i could b selected .
tonite gt 2 work again hai, sad liao, but nvmind gt shaherra dere today, gonna teach her closing, yeah if she learn hw 2 close i need nt stay till so late liao, gt helper liao yeah!!!!
think tt all 4 de day.

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