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.05 二月 2005 1:19 上午 Y

"pon teng"

Today i pon teng, i nv go sch becoz my back hurt, in the morning i meet xiao lao shu, after his driving test, thk god 4 letting him pass, all thk to my lucky yellow colour rubber band which i gave him. hahaha. coz he told mi when the tester told him the result he was holding on to e rubber band. feel so happy that all my prayer 4 him to pass come true. Thk god so much!!

after his test, he came near my hse den we go makan breakfast together @ east coast, we had chicken rice and the otah, which the otah there was extremely spice mi n xiao lao shu drink 2 cup of drink sia, so full. after tt i wanted to eat fruit, but went to there , think it was close cant find so went 2 7-11 buy drink 1st.

After this went to parkway the courts to paid xiao lao shu's sis the bill, then we take bus to ps to watch movie the "elektra", although xiao lao shu don really lyk to watch ang moh movie but he still pei mi watch, thk ar! after buy the ticket went to play the drum @ arcade , so fun dis is my 2nd time playing it, i lyk to play it @ dis time becoz nt much ppl can play until anyhw u lyk also can coz no ppl will watch u 1 wahha. suppose to go dwnstair buy food but we play until 2 late liao no time to buy so we buy the hotdog comb but i don noe y i find the hotdog nt nice leh.
after watch finish the movie i find it not that interesting as i expected nt tt nice, kind of boring. i saw xiao lao shu all the way look so bore. but i still happy that he pei wo! the hotdog comb gt drink but we could nt even finish half of the drink. saded waste $$ again. then feel to cold after the movie went to outside but my leg too tired so i ask xiao lao shu to go mac n sit, actually don intend to buy anything but the mac person came to us, ask us 4 order, iwanted curly fries but sold out saded, then i order the filet meal eat until so full. then look @ the time still early onli 3+ nia. still gt 2 wait 4 xiao lao shu friend to come. so we went walk walk 1st, walk until xiao lao shu say he thristy so we go mos burger, then i ate again hehehe!

after tt we went to meet his friend , then they want to go edo sushi wah den i gt 2 eat again wahha. but i juz cant tahan the baby octupus, it is so delious wahha cant tahan. lucky did eat until 2 X. then they suggest go to starbuck to drink but i was lyk eat o drink again the face heheh! so help xiao lao shu buy a ice mocha wahha den share share dare nt buy big cup scared cant finish wahha. After rotting there for abt 1hrs den we go play drum again wahha so happy, den all his friend join in so happy play until 11 wah so late, lucky xiao lao shu sae wan 2 sent mi hme oif nt i will b real boring heheeh!

* thk xiao lao shu, 4 everything today i really enjoy myself so happy 2 day
* tink i really need to eat lesser liao, today eat so much sia
* sorry to all my friend, tt i nv cum sch 2dae

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