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.21 二月 2005 11:24 上午 Y

PP havben do

Today finally find the time to blog le! today is web application hai sian day 1 cant copy @ all saded liao hehe! don understand the Problem statement toking wat haha! gotta 2 update wat i did dis past few days.

thur, gt open hse, go help out show the student hw 2 do the wire. cut until my hand until so pain heheh! after tt went wif xiao lao shu n his friend to eat den play billard. went hme by myself.

Fri, did not go to work but in the morning meet fransin, william and jas go TP open hse 2 tk their goodies bag, but kind of disappointed coz their goodies bag don haf many thing hai sian 1/2 . after tt they all wan 2 sing K box but i later need 2 meet xiao lao shu after his open hse 4 movie coz he on val day sae will bring mi go c movie 1, which is abt 6 lyk so in de end nv go, den went 2 pluck my thick eyebrow wif jas @ far east. after plucking abt 5 liao so went to sch 2 find him. wen i was abt 2 leave den xiao lao shu sae later cant c movie liao, coz he gt family prob hai!! so waited 4 tt 132 bus 2 go sch fr far east wah lau wait so long 4 de stupid 132 smemore raining so heavily waited 4 almost 45min den the bus cum. Meet him in sch den he sae wan 2 go makan wif his friend den went 2 tiong bahru to eat griller eat until abt 8 den he sae wan 2 c movie mah den i sae don wan liao coz c le all so late den 10+ den finish go hme very late liao so went walk walk saw the himalya singh vcd which we wanted 2 c 1 4 de movie. den he sae later go his hse n c but i doubt gt time but the time rch his hme 9 liao onli left 1 h 2 10 pm don tink can. so ended up nv c movie .

Sat went 2 work in the morning, on the way saw dis chinese woman n dis indian guy quarrel abt the parking space coz i tink tt the chinese lady waited quite long 4 the slot of space den the indian guy juz came park in den they quarrel in the public even scold vulgar language wah! the indian wanted 2 heck care walk off after he park , the chinese lady stopped him n ask him 2 cum back n drive out the car. in the morning c dis kind of scene. so cont went 2 work. guess 2dae is boss birthday den he half way after work went off le! oli left mi n sharrea n ida working so many ppl work until lyk shit so tired hai!

sun went 2 work also, but boss went 2 malaysia so he call sabrina back2 help if nt work until we all die hai! den so many ppl buy de sale item until my $1 coin run out so went 2 change wif de outside shop the chocolate but den the gu bluff mi @ 1st he sae he wan 2 ten dollar den he sae wan $2 haiyo make mi so blur sia. den close shop late coz those customer kept on cumin in wah lau! heheh den we chase them out. the chocolate ppl don noe y they seem 2 b lyk waiting 4 us 2 leave lyk tt, then they walk wif us hehehe machiam scared we will happen wat lyk tt coz we all gurls hahaha! but anyway thk!

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