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.22 二月 2005 7:58 上午 Y

Rch sch today quite early, later gt UT so no internet connection muz hurry up type. Yesterday went 2 thought tt xiao lao shu wif cum sch wif mi as in waiting 4 mi @ Dhboy ghaut mrt station dere coz he told mi go sch fr dere he faster, i waited 4 his call but he nv call guess he is tking the same route liao hai!

Went 2 go saw william den took de same lift wif tan cheng yee which i saw her parking her car wen we r waiting 4 lift, wen de lift cum she still can get in the lift dis show hw "fast" is our lift sia. Went to class den stupid ge zi go n form wat wu xing zheng wif the table den we kanna sit so outside of the class. Open the problem statment sian nw gt 2 do programme hai sian le anyway nw wk 14 le muz tahan hehehe!

Morning went breakfast wif peishan, c the canteen so pack wif ppl so go mobile n buy chicken pie saw loo loo n hannie hehehe! went 2 sit outside ah fish class n eat coz alot of pple @ canteen.

Suppose to go xiao lao shu hse after sch but den later he sae he need 2 study 4 his 2molo ut so ask mi go hme 1st, 1st time i did nt make a big fuss o angry over he last min den tell mi coz he last time everytime last min tell mi i will get very angry as lyk ppl already get rdy wat 2 do den suddenly he tarnish ppl route. I think i learn to b independent le. o mayb shld i sae i already mature le hai!!!!

Once i rch hme i am so hungry so my mum cook 4 mi claypot chicken rice, yummy yummy!! ate quite alot . den went online c whether xiao lao shu finish le mah in sch but he still havben finish yet. While waiting i fall asleep hai! finally he rch hme le den we chat on the fone n play maple heheh! tt all

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