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.16 二月 2005 12:49 下午 Y

yesterday after sch went to work, actually suppose to go lao yu sheng but den scared 2dae gt the open hse meeting so went 2 work yesterday. now workplace only left mi n shaeera and ida onli sian. tink getting harder to tk off liao, anyway dis wk i tk alot of off liao so nvmind lah! muz work more liao nw spend more then wat i earn liao, cant cant muz stop. if not soon will b broke liao! nv go put wif xiao lao shu becoz he stomach pain.

2dae very few ppl come sch, fransin n william nv cum so bore nth 2 do, do finish my SA liao! 2dae is the deadline for the submit of the propsal, sian don noe wan 2 team wif hu leh, lee beng ask mi 2 team wif her so i agree liao but some sort i don noe issit a correct choice , wanted 2 team wif peishan but tink tt she gt gp liao hai !!! hw hw? smemore don noe shld do the proposal mah scared later set the standard too high later cant den die liao hai! also another way scared those approve 1 very hard 2 do hw hw? hai stress!!

Somemore now only left 3 wk to do the PP hai hw? smemore nw my workplace need people hw? i havben even start the PP muz cut dwn on my maple liao if nt cant complete. heard tt 2molo will have the pp presentation, tink i will b going dwn n c. get sme tips ahahah.
later don noe will go out wif Xiao lao shu leh coz he ask mi nt 2 go scared later he play until 2 late den gt nt enough $$ 2 sent mi hme hai! hw sad liao so many thing 2 sad n stress going crazy liao!
Sme1 plz help mi

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