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.02 三月 2005 10:22 下午 Y

back 2 blog lor after my birthday.
Yesterday fransin n william went 2 buy cake 4 mi unexpectedly so happy thk i didn't expect they would do this thk so much tink dis is my 2nd birthday cake but dis time same as last year he wasn't at my cutting cake time.

jas pei wo whole day go makan while fransin n william MIA. while eating @ the canteen found 1 laptop was tinking shld i tk it o hand it 2 de office but in the end i bring it to the office dere go my laptop hahaha!

yesterday the sch connection was too lag or totally cant go online o log to leo so practically 1 whole day doing nth but rot around so it was quite a relax n nt stress day wahha.

xiao lao shu meet mi be4 his NAFA though he sae he nt going 2 pei wo but den he sae it was a surpirise 4 mi tt he initally sae no time 2 pei wo so it was mine mistake 4 mistaken him. but as i guess he havben collect my present yet hai until nw havben heard any news guess i don expect anything fr him le! den wen ppl ask mi wat he give mi i don noe hw 2 reply shld i reply " he havben give yet" or " give liao" hai.

den 2dae morning i went 2 work found tt kid nowadays so fast mature liao coz i saw 1 couple i guess they onli P4 only n they r holding hand so stunning rite smemore they look so sweet together wahha den work till 3 by rite i shld go sch find him but den he yesterday told mi don cme coz they onli study after tt go play pool or billard so i will b bore so i decided since i have after want 2 b more dependent so i did nt go find him todae. then he nv mention abt my present guess he forget liao hai sad! but trying nt 2 let my though ruin my feeling nw trying 2 b "strong n independent is de key" nw if i haf de will to go on still.

2molo after UT don noe wan 2 pon mah scared later nobody pei wo pon den so sian during waiting 4 him time wat shld i do? o mayb he again will tell mi 2molo go hme lor but do he noe wat i wan he everytime ask mi 2 go hme!!! o mayb later tok 2 him on de fone he won ask mi wat i will do 2molo.
independent = loner

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