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.04 三月 2005 11:37 下午 Y

no present fr xiao lao shu yet

2dae pon teng again mi nv go sch! but i woke up @ 8.30 so early hor 1/2 so early wake up den nth 2 do so 1st thing i do is 2 went online c xiao lao shu in sch le mah but as usual he will tell mi tt he buz chat later his later is either after sch will reply mi or he will nv reply 2 mi 1. I still misses those time wen he would alway chat wif mi on msn last time during yr1 2nd sem he would alway tok 2 mi alot even if he is buz

after tt went 2 play maple but it is kind of lag sia mayb is de yesterday update patch not gd bah,jas msg mi telling mi abt yesterday thing den i advise her nt 2 lend ai yun $$, den she also ask whether xiao lao shu gt give mi anything 4 my borthday i told her "no" until now haveben yet. Guess myb no present fr him bah!!!! train until abt 10 i went cycling alone, while cycling i bring along the mp3 player so i qing bu zi jing start 2 singing while cycling so pai seh gt caught by 1 ah pek hehe! cum back hme mummy buy alot of things fr "john little" as it is having sale now! so she ask mi after bath we go out n makan den go c gt anything 2 buy mah so i went dere bought 1 blouse, 1 skirt and 1 pants wahha spend all @ 1 time coz quite cheap.

Come back home abt 2.30 so i wanted 2 play maple but 2 lag liao so nv play went 2 tk a nap until 3. Msg xiao lao shu but he too buz liao so he juz reply mi he buz. Went 2 sch 2 meet him as usual he will make mi wait long long den leave de sch 1. went 2 de career fair so sian nthing much 2 look @. then mi n xiao lao shu walk past 1 place den dere stand a pretty woman i caught him peek @ de pretty lady smemore caught by mi i was so angry @ tt time i feel lyk leaving, den in de end he push de blame 2 his friend tt is they ask him 2 look 1, can c very obvious tt is he ownself look 1.*angry*

after tt wanted 2 go food court eat den full hse go all the fastfood all full hse also hai sian cant eat le. so went 2 eat pizza, eat until full full. tink very hard 2 slim dwn 2date hai, after tt went 2 look 4 his cd ard suntec.
so happy he 2dae sent mi hme, even he seem tired

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[[* Namee: Kah Leng *]]
[[* Genderr: GurLx *]]
[[* Relati0nshipp: Aattach *]]
[[* Agee: 22 "tis years" *]]
[[* Birthdaee: 1/3/1985 *]]

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[[* UnReAsOnAbLe.ppL*]]
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[[* .BeTrAyEr. *]]
[[* .NaGgInG.PpL *]]

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[[* .$$$. *]]
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[[* .Gd Luck *]]

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