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.18 三月 2005 2:43 上午 Y

tODAY went out wif xiao lao shu after continuous working 4 2 days hehe!!
Morning wen i tool cab 2 his hse gt dis uncle ask mi after work go hme ar machiam i lky working night activity lyk tt feel lyk punching him argh!!!
Rch his hse play maple 4 a while den go out 2 pay his bill. We had our lunch @ hongang mall de food dere sux nt nice 1!! so i nv eat finish. Went 2 marina sq c gt any movie 2 watch but den all mostly eng flim xiao lao shu don lky 2 c eng 1 so in e end nv watch lor!!! So we go suntec go walk walk den we go play persuassion master(don noe hw 2 spell) wah find tt i deteriate a lot tink i too long nv play liao bah hehe!!! After dis went 2 buy delifrance de fruit tart since i gt de coupon, but xiao lao shu don wan 2 eat so i ate all hehe dere go my slimming plan liao muz do more excerise 2 get try of it smemore go coffee bean 2 buy cameral so fattening sia!!!
The nx stop is Tampiness mall go dere seem 2 b nth le!!! go eat de pastamania after tt feel lyk vomiting donno y so go buy sour plum so 2 get rid of the vomiting feeling. After dis mi xiao lao shu sent mi hme so happy hehe!!! 2dae end off nt much quarreling.
Xiao lao shu 2dae treat mi very gd hehe!!! hope everyday can b lyk tt happy

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