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.11 三月 2005 1:37 上午 Y

which 1 2 chose?

die le die le! 2dae after opening my studentmail den c gt 2 chose the module by 2molo, Die liao i nv discuss anything wif my teammate den anything also nv start 4 our project hw hw? beside i also don noe which module to chose hw hw? so messy now!hw hw smemore 2molo gt 2 meet jas no time 2 chose liao! hw hw so messy? smemore no refer hai hw gt 2 make such a big decision in juz last den 24hrs time!

yesterday tt gerald sent virus to mi hai wo kanna!!! den i accidentally spread it 2 other ppl. Sorry people if u kept on receiving my pop out i try 2 cancel off, but den they juz kept on auto resent haiyo tink they muz been very angry!

pon teng again hehe! yesterday went sing kbox wif jas after work!

todae morning went 2 find xiao lao shu 2 help mi reformat my laptop 2 stop my virus prob, which kept on bugging mi argh!! den went 2 IT fair many ppl make my head so giddy sia

Find tt i am a indecisive person, wat does indecisive mean unable 2 decide on things smetime i really set my mind on it but my heart rule over it been softening my heart den i will give up hw 2 perceive ??? i muz learn 2 haf my own stand so tt i will nt b tt easily sway by other ppl.

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