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.27 三月 2005 12:45 上午 Y

work fr thur to today liao, total 3 days liao 2molo 1 more days 2 go sia...
today thought my boss would close shop but in de end is i close shop so i close early coz xiao lao shu sae wan 2 cum n find mi go eat supper hooray!!
today quite piss off wif those customer as wen i tell them no size they lyk don believe mi kept on asking n asking very irriating told them liao no size still don believe mi, sme more wan mi repeat n repeat argh feel lyk strangling them...
find tt actually BATA customer service quite gd unlike other shop whereby wen i ask them 4 sizes wen they sae don haf ask them 2 help mi check where haf they like so relunant 2 help mi find out lyk tt, for example i wan 2 change size 4 xiao lao shu levi clother but den ask them 2 help mi check they lyk don wan so i didn't force them gt 2 call shop by shop by myself wah lau wat employee is tt sia imagine their salary gt more den BATA den ask them 2 do a bit of service don wan wat wonder hw they really give salary 1!!!

xiao lao shu today trick mi @ 1st wen i msg him he told mi he forget abt cumin 2 meet mi 4 supper @ 1st i was shock n sad but another half also tinking tt he might b bluff mi 1. in de end nadira told mi he saw him standing outside hehe!!! i was so happy eheh!!!
wanted 2 go bedok eat mince meat noodle but too far sme more no car go back tk a long time so decide 2 eat nearby 1 went 2 eat de 5-star chicken rice and eat crab wahha so gd eat so sumptous lucky i nv eat tt much during break hehe!! wah so eat full hehe!! so happy xiao lao shu pei wo hope we can c each other more often, 2molo cant c him hehe so happy n gan dong he cum n pei wo ehhe

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