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.02 四月 2005 12:06 上午 Y

nv blog 4 quite a long time coz kind of buz dis past few days, buz wif chalet n work n going out wif xiao lao shu lah hehe!!!
think i really need 2 start doing my PP liao if nt i tink i will b very tough the nx semster sia, but all my microsoft office havben install so i tink need william ge-zi cd liao sorry gotta bother u abt IT thing again!!! hehehe!! den gt de latest vpn gotta dl liao !!!

JQ msn mi tell mi can go admin check ur class den mine class is TN0505 sian sia donno hu same class as mi leh ??? later i gt no friend dere den sian 1/2 liao gotta make new friend, tink it will b harder 4 mi 2 ask ppl go pei wo makan liao nx time!!! remember 2 ask mi go makan

work dere also nt so smooth sia tt new comer alway tk off all de time, become gt new helper lyk no new helper lyk tt hai tink work dere will b tough lucky i nv tell my boss i holiday if nt i sure die 1!!!

really gt 2 work hard 2 slim dwn liao cant delay!!!

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