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.18 四月 2005 2:40 下午 Y

sch 1st day

today is sch reopen 1st day!!! change my class, went to a new enviroment, hope can get along well wif my new class mate. donno today wat time sch start so ask my dad fetch mi to school, 7.30 rch sch liao!! early rite

in the morning xiao lao shu sent mi msg sae wan 2 meet mi go sch but den my dad fetching mi 2 sch so muz wait till 2molo den can go sch wif him hope he remember.....

after 2nd meeting wanted 2 go canteen eat, hu noe canteen gt so many ppl my god!!! drink store is the longest queue, all the store also so long c liao don feel lyk eatting le , so went 2 phoeix blk wif zi nu zi n ge zi den dwn dere de cafe is so hot n smemore dwn dere also long queue. In the end go back class empty handed. msn xiao lao shu c wat he doing but no reply tink maybe is too lag liao

wait 4 mi teamate 2 do finish den sent mi after i do finish i hungry but den lazy go dwn smemore queue so long....... hungry

blogging in class feel so hungry nw tink nx time muz bring lunch box liao

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