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.13 四月 2005 11:23 下午 Y

so long nv blog liao so back 2 blog again!!!
wah my 6 wk holiday going 2 finish liao soon so fast sia, been feeling kind of giddy this past few days don noe y mayb due 2 lack of sleepness bah but yesterday i slp for about 10 h liao but my head still feel very giddy. wen i @ work feel lyk the whole thing i c is moving 1, my friend ask mi 2 eat pandol but i nv tried, until nw i still feel giddy cant tahan sia!!!!

work for this past fews days, going zoo mayb thur o fri hope can go bah tink i will b bring camera along hehe will update the pic if i gt tk bah....

wan 2 change my blog layout but kind if lazy 2 change hehehe!!!! 2molo bring xiao lao shu go cut hair hehehe c can change new hair style mah heheeh!!!

havben do the new domain thing for my vpn wanted 2 go sch 2 do but lyk gt no time, tink wen sch reopen the IT help desk sure gt long queue de!!! the fastest way is thru "kukuhead" william
thk liao!!!

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