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.28 五月 2005 10:51 上午 Y

been sick dis past few days , shall nt mention hw i fall sick o hu make mi sick.
depression is making mi to b sick. tt day i sick my grandma admit into hospital. de 1st day wen i sick i felt so xing fu becoz xiao lao shu sent mi hme, i realise tt in de day onli wen i sick den i can get 2 c dis, if i am prefectly alright i don c dis.

wed, wanted to go sch but after eating de medicine no energy, only feel lyk slpping. after wake up feel better den be4, today nv meet xiao lao shu saded!!!

thur went to sch but still havben recover yet still kind of weak but i still wan 2 go sch, if not i cant keep up wif the space also can c xiao lao shu. but i nv went out wif him coz i sick.thur i also went to visit my grandma, c she look better gt more jing shen le!! i very worried 4 her, i hope she get well soon

fri, finally get to b wif xiao lao shu, but de sad thing is i spread my germ to him le, hope he will faster recover den mi, den i saw his msg tt 1 of his "godsis" sae wan 2 meet him 4 a chitchat and also to get song fr him. I tink i shld b more da fang coz if i everytime block him o nag @ him tt he go out wif other gurl, i tink tt he might nt have any freedom.

sat, wanted to go work but c my situation, dis morning my mum told mi tt grandma condition become critical. I am so stress and worried.

U sae u wanted a break time for u to concerate on ur studies, but i am nt sure whether u still have d same feeling as be4...

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