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.17 五月 2005 10:32 下午 Y


Dis morning gt buz statistic UT, find that it is not tt hard as i has tink, but the saddest part is i did not complete finish my UT. After that my class discuss abt the ans, i was too sad n depress to listen so i cover my ear n eye don don wan to hear and listen about it... cant tk the 大
机. so went dwn eat wif shan shan, so long nv went dwn n makan wif her liao! actually onli wan 2 buy drink den cum up liao den hu noe de canteen so few ppl so decide to eat there. had a quick and fast meal as shan shan lesson start @ 9.30, while mine one start at 10.30 and the leo havben resume so i went to watch xiao lao shu sent mi de "doremon".

while watching suddenly sabrina sae can tk the UT again, but she nv do coz i don tink they will consider it into our grade even if we do again. den sme1 came to our class sae gt 1 class 13 student sent e-mail tt they wan 2 retest becoz they sae tt those who do 2nd time will fail stand away.
After 2nd meeting heard fr other class sae they might cancel dis UT due to the network connection, 1st thing i tink is hai sian waste my effort in it....

today the problem statement quite easy, is about hashtable where onli need to create new table, insert data, update, retrive data. before 12 i already finish the basic... so happy, everytime my java is depend on other ppl to create code, today i found out the code by myself wooh!!!!

today my team need to do start fr scratch1, but any way quite simple lah!!!

after sch went to gym wif ah fish, excercise abt 1hr. den mi n fish went separate way coz he wan 2 bath... rch hme abt 7 den so hungry eat sun mee, still hungry but cant continue eat liao if nt all the workout i done wasted..

online tok 2 ping den she sae tt e UT for statistic 1 confirm cancel liao!! but donno wen retest, den also heard another new that they might forfeit this test tk the rest of the 3 UT sian sia.

Stress ar so many things havben complete yet: FYP, PP ,etc....

ah fish sae tt due to sch work too much he very long time nv work, tinking tt mayb i also rest don worry after kanna so many scolding fr customer last wkend argh don wan 2 tok abt it liao leh!!

Some1 plz give mi motivation

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