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.19 五月 2005 10:07 下午 Y


sch internet connection very lag, until i cant tahan sia find 1 resource took so long to find. donno y nowadays all lyk gt smething stuck inside my heart, cant get out. Really feel lyk plucking it out feel so unease argh.. get piss off wif everything...

Loner, all by myself people don bother 2 find mi 2 chat, wen i todae in deep stress wan 2 tok 2 sme1 but no1 is avaliable for mi issit i zi zhuo zhi shou...

Wen i c ppl tok abt their sister which is their friend they gt diff type of saeing such as darling, pal, etc...
but wen i ask myself hu is my best friend??? hu stay by mi wen i need help? wen i am hungry pei wo makan? wen i am stuck in sme problem ease it?
cum 2 tink of it it seem lyk no name cum 2 my mind!!! after sch normally ppl will have friend asking them to take bus go hme together, wanna 2 go wan?, after sch go where?@ least, xiao lao shu n his friend, wen he is stress he gt his brothers to pei him go play acrade, billard, pool ... etc
but wen i am stress after sch wat i do??
either i go hme o go out wif xiao lao shu o wif his friend 2 destress!! seldom o shld i put it as rarely i went out wif my friend?
wat 2 do when ur friend cant communicate well wif ur bf? haf 2 choose 1
smetime i don wan 2 tt early go hme becoz i don wan 2 show my sad n neglected face to my parent letting them noe all abt dis on de other way still have 2 lie 2 them abt it...
argh hw 2 go on? i am very very tired of everything

feel so neglected, work stress, sch stress, etc ... so many hw am i going 2 survive?? feel lyk juz wat fransin sae disappear in the thin air den don need 2 fan so much!!! really feel lyk running, running away fr this reality fr dis world.
So fan but still have to pretend lyk very delight... to bluff myself!!!!

Mayb i am juz nt content, am i too greedy? am i asking too much? am i tinking to far? o am i juz comparing too much. i juz hate growing up.. i donno whether i can tahan all dis stress ma!!!
I juz feel lyk letting out my anger!!! but hu can i vent it on???

i miss my secondary days... where i joke ard wif those gang of ppl donno wat stress is @ all!!!!!!!!!

Mayb all dis i wrote no 1 notice o noe abt it

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