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.18 五月 2005 11:13 下午 Y

off day

Today nv go sch coz it was my FYP day, but i nv go sch becoz lee beng was sick so didn't meet up, nx meeting might b mon which is vesak day, don noe can tk off mah!!!

Wake up abt 11 dis morning, had a full full slp becoz everyday if nt go sch o is work very hard can get a gd rest. 1st thing i do is open my laptop, sent all de installation to my disc so tt can clear sme spce 4 my F drive.

After tt do my PP until abt 2. After which i went 2 change clothe 2 go BATA to copy down those related to my PP 1. be4 tt went 2 marine parade BATA since they r closing dwn on de 29th, dere might b sme stuff i can buy. wen i @ parkway dere i bought 2 rotiboy tinking of going sch 2 give xiao lao shu n fransin. but den wen i went 2 BATA nadira sae she hungry so i let her ate 1. wen i was abt to go sch den xiao lao shu call mi sae he nt tt early finish, so i stay @ BATA dere until 4 den leave.
Wen i am @ de bustop den wait 4 36 so long sia, xiao lao shu meet @ ps so did nt went sch. I rch ps abt 4.45, but xiao lao shu havben leave sch yet... den sian 1/2 liao, went walk walk alone, 1st time went walk walk alone den find it to b so sian sia to go shop all by myself... i tink i shld start to get use 2 it bah.. coz nowadays i feel tt i am alone liao!!! but i still don lyk dis feeling sia!!!
wen my friend don really lyk much 2 mix up wif xiao lao shu, after which i put them so many plane on them 2 pei xiao lao shu, also cant blame any1 but mi myself!!! trying very hard 2 survive on my own don noe can use 2 it mah??? really miss those day wen i am wif marie tt gang shld i blame on myself 4 bring dis 2 myself becoz i start 2 change. still remember tt time wen i am wif them i laugh all de time nv once i feel sad n lonely.. miss them so much wonder they gt still in contact mah.. if meet up wif them wat will happen??

Xiao lao shu n his friend rch abt 5.40. went to long john 2 eat. after tt went to play acrade coz persussion master gt new song liao, so went 2 try out...

After dis went 2 starbuck to drink my favourite cameral frapp..( don noe hw 2 spell) until abt 7.45 pei xiao lao shu go hme, rch his hse abt 8.15. den 10 i went hme by myself ... tt de end of the day

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