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.20 五月 2005 11:11 下午 Y

Useless person!!! tt wat i felt i am. I felt lyk a clown.. had to act happy wen i am so sad n disappointed deep inside my heart !!!

Y issit wen i am sad time no 1 can tok 2 mi o available !!! wen i was abt 2 bring smething out smething sure crop up!!! am i really tt unlucky??? o issit heaven playing mi?

dis morning went 2 sch nearly trip over wen climbing the stairs, trip by my own leg, hw stupid can i b?? wen i rch class, my team had no1 i am de only team member, all those ppl who walk past mi sae y so ke lian 1 man-show ar? hw unlucky i am? as usual no 1 bother 2 msg mi o else if they need my ppt o help....
lucky i bought sme food 2 eat be4 1st meeting o i sure starve 2 death as i noe 4 sure no 1 will b able 2 pei wo 2 go makan later juz as i guess no1 !! even wen i ask xiao lao shu 2 pei wo go dwn n makan, he sae he too buz cant finish his work so cant pei wo, ask jas pei wo go dwn but she eat liao but she pei wo go dwn n eat, i am becuming more n more pathetic??? hw hw?

dis morning tok 2 my secondary sch friend, she tell mi muz learn 2 give and take but to mi seem lyk most of the time i am giving 90% n 4 take i onli had 10%.
feel lyk a failure i don noe hw long i still can survive lyk dis? FAILURE, USELESS, DEAD , STUPID is the word in my dictonary ....

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