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.04 六月 2005 7:52 上午 Y

These past few days too many things happening!
my heart almost cant tk it...
mi n xiao lao shu dis past few days been quarreling, everytime after quarreling i feel sad 1 time, den gt no mood to do things liao! I don noe whether i am being too sticky 2 u??
wed, went to sch 4 fyp project, wanted to meet anne tan but den she didn't reply the msn so i didn't meet her tt day, so mi n my fyp partners, started to do asp.net 1st because is already the end of may liao, we havben even start the coding yet so muz start plus lee beng is going oversea until 17 den cum back.
After fyp meeting, went to meet xiao lao shu because his friend today birthday! meet him @ the bustop. After tt went to yoshinoya to eat, over dere i saw the akon-lonely mtv dere very nice. After our dinner we went to cheer to buy things, den over dere i saw a massage mouse den i tinking of giving his friend 4 birthday present.
They wan 2 sing ktv but den don noe which 1 offer better issit kbox o party world better? so we walked over to the orchard party world den they don haf birthday package, so went back to kbox because they have the package.
While singing, sme of his friend came, we cut the cake @ abt 11+. they play the competition den we won a poker card den i learn to play until abt 12.10 den we leave dere, wah den 2molo still gt sch sia... but lucky gt xiao lao shu sent mi hme.
Xiao lao shu xing ku ni le !

Thur, was having java, slack the whole day coz really don noe wat 2 do morning went dwn canteen wif peishan to actually juz onli want snack but den pei shan sae wan 2 sit dwn n eat den we buy vegetarain food. after 2nd meeting slack n slack den peishan ask mi wan 2 go dwn n buy sweet. came up den lili came to our class n slack coz she also java. abt 12 sab, ping, nana, lili, xiuxiu sae wan 2 go dwn den i we dwn again, xiao lao shu den call mi sae he go buy drink so i went 2 find him, went back 2 sab n ping dere 2 pass them tissue den they go off. mi wanted 2 pei xiao lao shu walk back coz i really very sian, but don wan instead he sent mi wahha!!!
we get de prog @ abt 1.40 lyk tt den i faster understand the coding be4 presentation.
today ben sim end quite early so msn xiao lao shu c take bus together. also tk de constant form 4 de cyher camp don noe wan 2 go mah
@ nite tok 2 xiao lao shu but den we quarrel hai!!!!

Fri, xiao lao shu didn't come sch, so i was sch alone...
having financial UT later but den i gt no mood 2 study, found lots of resource wif nana but den don noe which 1 is relevant. ate macdonald thk 2 sharon hu help us call n collect thk so much!!!
slack again. had my ge dou tian wang 20 thk 2 boshi but den gt 2 repaid 1 is help him borrow walkie takie 4 his camp...
went dwn 2 canteen abt 12.30 but i didn't eat, until 1 den cum up den check c xiao lao shu gt online mah but nope he nv online..
2dae my team kanna present again hai1/2 liao almost everywk we gt 2 present sian sia!! during 3rd meeting suddenly my bro sms mi tell mi 2 go hospital straight after sch.. den i gt scared immediately call my parent, they sae my grandma in critcal condition. after dis i call xiao lao shu tt i won b meeting him 2dae coz i need 2 rush 2 hospital, (fated, i don noe y but seem lyk everytime dere sure will have thing pop out to hinder, issit fated tt we both everytime gt thing 2 crop up???) came back saw my charger gt light den de wire burn liao, die liao sme more later gt UT wah lau y i so down mei?? so i call fish 4 laptop since he don haf UT thk fish, although i am nt sure whether u will c dis part mah? but in de end cant tk UT de connection can setup so i use paper but after all fish laptop is useful 1 i use as reference. after UT tink i buang again... call my dad 2 pick mi go hospital coz i really don noe hw 2 go dere fr sch.. while waiting i go 2 zinuzi dere, c them all after UT go out o gt activites den i felt so sad...
my dad fetch mi 2 hospital grandma condition already stable but den still nt in gd condition, all my uncles aunties and cousin all dere liao !!!
den until 6 we went dwn 2 eat but i haf no mood 2 eat so juz pei all my cousins to go dwn..
went back up to the ward ... but dere was too stuffy liao until abt 7.45 all my cousin decide to go to mac 2 haf a sit dere. abt 9 my parent call sae go hme liao!! haf alot of chats wif all my cousin..
my dad help mi fix my charger den ok liao!!! thk ping ping 4 helping mi do de RJ n quiz thk so much.. if nt u den no 1 help mi le!! u r my da saviour.

todae woke up abt 7 don noe y so early but cant slp mind kept on thinking abt my grandma thingy smemore later gt 2 work sian!! no mood sia smemore nadira left liao onli left wif hamiah. wanted 2 tk off den my mum sae stay dere n shou che also no use coz too many ppl will b 2 stuffy hai no mood 2 work hwhw?
i am nw so stress , sad, depress, sme more xiao lao shu 21st birthday on wed donno whether i am able 2 celelabrate 4 him mah? hai so fan so many thing happening i don noe hw 2 tk it. i felt so mood less no mood 2 do anything @ all

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