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.25 七月 2005 1:59 下午 Y

So bored econ class alway so sian so many graph n theory hai!!!!
Morning I wake up quite early so i went 2 dwnstair mama shop to buy breakfast 4 sharon n mi as last wk she have been treating mi breakfast so pai seh treat her back.... I bought curry puff 4 myself den nasi lemak 4 sharon!!
Rch sch quite early, suddenly remember tt i forget 2 tk fork n spoon 4 sharon, so went dwn 2 canteen 2 tk again.
After 1st meeting we wanted 2 go canteen 2 buy but den too many ppl den so go 2 mobile to buy.. cum up do my work liao den watch de "tuo qiang shi jie 2". I thought fish went out so wan 2 ask him buy, hu noe he didn't went out saded!!
Wan 2 go dwn eat den every1 went dwn le so i msg xiao lao shu ask him wan 2 go mah but he sae he buz so in de end nv eat... nvmind mayb can jian fei!!!
Later after sch still gt fyp so sian, n gt 2 visit my grandma later. My mum sae tt she start 2 begin 2 b in giddy state ar i don noe hw 2 explain but tt 1 of the sign of cancer patient , because she kept on slpping, hai den dis morning i told my papa i wan 2 go c dere he sae don need hai don noe hw 2 explain 2 him sia smetime find him very evil!!! coz onli 2dae den i free, de rest of the days gt 2 help xiao lao shu work @ his father dere le

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