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.06 七月 2005 11:49 下午 Y

So long nv update liao!

tink i start from what I did yesterday bah if wan 2 start fr de last 1 i stop will b too long liao!
Yesterday have business static donno y i start to hate dis module liao, is getting more n more far fr mi everywk!!! after sch gotta 2 go work coz i sun nv work so gt 2 repaid back. Jiahui want 2 go changi airport so i ask her 2 come along wif mi den she noe hw 2 go coz if tk mrt very messy gt 2 change here n dere!

rch work abt 5.15pm, after nt long boss went off le onli left mi, farius and shikan. abt 8 xiao lao shu n his mum came n find mi so happy sia, 1st time he give mi surprise wifout letting mi noe he coming hehe! so i sneak out pei him n his mother 2 makan hehehe! but after nt long i gotta go back coz fairus gt 2 leave by 8.30...
so i continue my work until close shop all de part-timer left except mi so many thing 2 hold coz i juz bought 4 xiao lao shu a pair of slipper $29 wor!!! so very heavy!!! went hme play maple story wif xiao lao shu den slp le!!!

today woke up @ 9.30~ ! gotta rch sch @ 11 but i am late by 15min can sense tt anne tan was a bit piss le coz tt time we let her aeroplane le! phew was so scared of meeting her 2dae sia! during the meeting she ask alot of q den she sae we r a bit behind time le ! hai mean gt 2 rush le so she give us until 13 july gotta finish de programme.
sia liao so many thing havben do yet dis time sure die liao!!! so we stay back c wat we can do. after the meeting was hungry n cold, gotta 2 wait 4 meifong 2 cum look after the laptop den can go canteen eat so cold n hungry hai!!! after meifong cum we faster go canteen buy food, eat finish go back lib den decide 2 move 2 class coz lib 2 cold le + cant tok loud dere n eat dere so we move to class...
it feel so gd 2 b in class no restriction apart fr de lib!! den we start 2 edit our website hmmm until abt 4 den i go off coz xiao lao shu call up many time 2 hurry mi liao!!! so i have 2 go off le!
actually wanted 2 watch movie but den donno y in de end nv go le! we 1st rch ps den play acarde while waiting 4 xiao lao shu "wu di" so long sia until abt 7.30 den he rch was er pian liao! wanted 2 eat fast food den all d fastfood full hse sian sia, KFC, MOS Burger, Burger King, Long John Sliver and yoshinoya. So in de end we went 2 eat ajisen wahha... had a very fulling dinner eat until $ 103 wah so much sia!!!lucky we split cost!!
after dis donno wat 2 go so went back 2 acrade 2 play until 9.45 den leave, rch hmme 10.30 such a tiring day!! 2molo still gt fyp! dis few days gonna 2 chiong liao

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