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.06 八月 2005 11:29 下午 Y

after 2 wk rest from work.. 2dae go back to work den cant tahan, tink too long nv go back liao nt use 2 it den my commission very little den my work place also change alot sia..
Change worker, came 2 worker one is butch de other 1 is very toot girl... which make my blood boil argh...
For the butch, which is a girl but i haf 2 call her ivan .... sound so disguisting. I don noe whether 2 call her/him sme1 plz tell mi? although i been in a girl sch be4 which wif lots of butch but den i nv work wif a butch be4. i find it very weird

den tt toot gurl which her name is call xin yi which make my blood boil argh.. i tok 2 her in chinese, den she sae huh!!! i sae in eng she also huh!!! den i really don noe what 2 tok 2 her..

The worst part is i tok 2 her den she gt no respond nv ans "yes" or "no" nv even do any action such as shake her head... den i tok 2 her de 2nd time she still look @ mi no respond argh den i was lyk handling so many customers n counter still gt 2 tok 2 a wall which make my blood boil..

den i was so hungry my leg was trembling while i tking shoes.. den my leg cramp hai tired

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