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.07 二月 2006 3:38 下午 Y

Finally after the many days being alone i feel tt i am adjusting to it...
I realise some thing when ur friends in problem they need my help i will help them or chat with them to make that not that sad... wen they have no 1 2 pei them 2 go out to do things i will try mine best to pei them

But when it is my turn gt problem call them is either buz o no 1 i can turn to, wen i need ppl pei wo go workshop or to do other thing no friend is willing to pei wo wholeheartly some hw i feel lyk i am forcing ppl 2 pei in which i hate this kind of feeling that I force ppl to do

I realise that I shld not tink so much for other people as i concern them fully heartly but no 1 2 concern mi wholeheartly....

FRom this I realise who are the true people who i can call "FRIEND". They are willing to lend me a listening ear

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