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.15 三月 2006 11:50 下午 Y

been away fr sch 4 2weeks liao...
have 2 job call for interview but i onli went 4 1, coz 1 is sale de other 1 is hiring HR assistant.
I hated sale so i went for the HR 1 hu noes they is "prudential" 1 where they need 3yr of sale experience be4 can becum a HR sianz....

on mon they call up sae tt dis cumin fri can make it 4 de 2nd interview... i was tinking whether shld i go coz i don really lyk sale....

yesterday went to JB wif his family, early in the morning i rch his hse abt 8.30am so early hor!!! after tt his parent sae go eat breakfast in s'pore 1st so went 2 eat prawn mee, then took cab to woodland checkpt abt 10.00 lyk tt...
Went into JB le ... wait 4 his uncle 2 fetch us tour ard JB...
went 2 alot places but nv really shop it seem lyk quite rush o mayb wif guys so tt y nv really go shop coz a bit paiseh 2 let so many male waiting 4 ladies 2 try clothe so we lyk shop damm fast lor...
Donno y all the uncle lyk so hungry lyk tt, every 2 hour we eat 1 meal sia.. i tink hor if i was 2 stay in dere i sure will fat 1... after mornin eat prawn mee den wen rch dere immediately so eat bittergourd soup .... den shop a while nt long eat again wo de tian ar.... keep on eating luckily i share if nt sure fei si wo....
i went 2 dere de levi shop de jean quite cheap onli spore $60++ , hmpf wanted 2 buy but they lyk rush 4 time so nv really buy...

abt 7 we rched spore, i was sso relaz coz here de weather is so much better , dere de weather lyk burning lyk tt very hot sia... cant tahan...
Nv bought as much thing as de last trip 2 JB onli bought food and facial cleanse onli....
Cum back 2 spore eat again OMG... rch hme have a bath den play maple..

Today morning woke up wanted 2 play maple but den gt patch so nv play le.....
after tt went to work @ 1.30, bring laptop to work heheh.... coz kinda boring, den my boss went 2 c "liao zha" spend afew hr still can tansfer 2 his HP sia HAHAHA....

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