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.29 五月 2006 10:17 下午 Y


Today is a nt happy n sad day 4 mi....

Work place dere alot ppl off den onli left 2 ppl in de office making it a very very buz day + de company nw changing de computer system making it a even buz coz haf 2 monitor de system haiz....Den de in-charge 2dae also in bad mood coz alot ppl things fall 2 him...Den he almost every hour he been screaming here n dere... haiz

I wanted 2 go facial 2dae but seem lyk everybody vbuz den i ask xiu, she sae can pei wo go facial 1 den baoz ask her go watch movie den i kanna put aeroplane le sob sob haiz!! saded liao. So i ask my bf c he can pei wo mah but in de end he cant...

So after work i go 2 my nearby area do facial, during wen i do facial my bf call sae he watching movie which is X-men which he last wk sae will watch 2gather wif mi but in de end he also put mi aeroplane go watch wif his friend....

So sad... suddenly i feel so friendless, lonely and cheated... depression mode moving nearing n nearing 2 mi le

Hoplessly useless

My life, My Way



Abt Mi

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[[* Namee: Kah Leng *]]
[[* Genderr: GurLx *]]
[[* Relati0nshipp: Aattach *]]
[[* Agee: 22 "tis years" *]]
[[* Birthdaee: 1/3/1985 *]]

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[[* .c0mputerr. *]]

` Hates.

[[* UnReAsOnAbLe.ppL*]]
[[* .BaCkStABbEr. *]]
[[* .IdIoTIc.PpL. *]]
[[* .BeTrAyEr. *]]
[[* .NaGgInG.PpL *]]

` Wants.

[[* .Happy everyday. *]]
[[* .Holiday Trip. *]]
[[* .$$$. *]]
[[* .Slim dwn. *]]
[[* .Gd Luck *]]

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