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.14 五月 2006 10:43 上午 Y

Shit Day

Times flies so fast...
It been 1 year liao since last yr Vesak Days I still remember tt day my grandma get admited into hospital den the whole family have been keep on running to n fro fr e hospital n their hme which last abt 3mth.

Yesterday went 2 work(refer to converse) was so sianz coz my in-charge was black face whole day 4 no reason, don ask mi i also donno y.... but i heard fr my full-time colleague told mi sae my boss wan her 2 change off day but she cant as thur is the onli day she can go visit her bf of coz she don wan 2 change.... den mayb becoz of dis he black face but also nt i make him angry 1 wat show my black faces n attiude wah lau... was so angry wif him... gt scolded by 1 customer smemore he nv help instead he still sae him WTF.
That stupid cust wan us 2 do gift wrap, expect us give her wrapping papper den nvmind she keep on stressing she rushing 4 time den i ask my in-charge to help mi wrap as i wasn't tt expert mah, den tt stupid cust c we both push here n dere den she sae nvmind i ownself wrap, den she 1 side wrap de other side complain, idiot!!! den my black-faced boss still can sae so easy donno hw 2 wrap in such an attiude tone wah lau..........
Play Maple gt KS by those low lvl, ask gulid 2 help no 1 reply
Wat a shit Day

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