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.20 五月 2006 12:15 上午 Y

Today have BAOZ outing but nt offical 1 but onli sabrina nv come...

Went to burger King to haf dinner coz ping n lili hungry le onli shar n xiu nv eat...
After tt shar, ping & xiu went for their trimming eyebrow session while mi n lili walk ard... den i found out i gt alot of things to buy hehehe but all muz wait until paid come le den i can buy muz ren~~ but every time wen paid come i forget wat i wan 2 buy liao hehe...

Wen 3 of them finish their eyebrow trimming session we went to find a place 4 us to sit so we wanted the whole of Parco Bugis, in the end we ended up @ 1 newly open de desert restuarant... took sme pic but i could nt upload of i don haf infra... mayb can c fr shar blog bah

Rotted @ dere quite long den waiting 4 my converse -in charge 2 msg mi de ans of whether i can change my work dis work 2 sun mah... until they wan 2 da yang le den we go off..

tt it 4 de day

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