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.11 六月 2006 12:41 上午 Y

Today early in the morning i auto wake up suddenly i felt very lonely and lost.... I hate changes coz i am slow @ adapting to changes haiz...

Early in de morning woke up go his hse n sent him to pulau tekong.. the feeling was nostalgia 1...but no choice it is de fate of almost every singaporean guy...

wEN we rch the island we are being separated, thus i haf 2 go wif his parent and sis... (I promised him tt i would pei his parent wen i am free but i am pai sen). So we went tour ard until abt 12 we went into de auditorm 2 hear speech and oath taken by de enlistee den we meet up again after tt we went 2 tk de lunch but it was a heavy hearted lunch.. i haf no appeititte 2 eat, so onli eat a few spoon. Then the annoncement make 4 us 2 proceed to de ferry to sent us back 2 singapore.

Reached singapore mi haf 2 rush 2 work so his parent sent mi 2 compass pt...
I felt a bit sea-sick fr de journey although it is nt very long duration but still i am nt comfortable.

Work dere nt many customer mayb becoz of the world cup bah... but donno y wen abt 2 close shop so many ppl darn them all c c nia ... waste my time . Then during those "so call crowd period" he call mi as was his free time but i could nt pick up. After tt i call him back but he chatted less den 10 min den haf 2 put dwn le haiz.....

Lastly would lyk 2 thk jas png sent msg 4 concern
lili and ping to an wei wo!!!

Any1 wan 2 date mi out?

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