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.15 十一月 2007 7:24 下午 Y

Today i feel so wei qu

So angry wif tt Damm Bloody Stupid VP

The Story goings with, today i receive a fax fr tt Damm Bloody Stupid form which inside lack of alot of details.

So I call them up wanting to tell the new gal hu fax mi de form tt she miss out alot parts as the form put her name. After i told her liao, she want mi to juz lyk tt write dwn on the form den i told her issit possible for her 2 re-fax mi the amended copy 1 as tt is my mgr instructed sae tt everything muz haf black & white fr the bank 1 mah. I follow her instruction tell the gal den she sae is nt done by her 1 den she sae will inform the person hu do wifout letting mi is hu do this form 1.

Awhile later i receive a call fr their "VP". Calling to complain tt my XXX tell u verbally still nt enuff still nid 2 write n fax issit. Issit tt our words nt trustable 1 ?
I told her tt i m juz following instruction & tt is our procedure to haf black & white mah.

she reply" so? still nt enuff?" u still wan us to do wat extra thing?................................

scold & scold

Lastly i told her don nid re-fax.

After put dwn the fone nt long my boss call up, u noe u offenced hu mah? Damm Bloody Stupid de VP. I told him tt i didn't know is she do 1 , smemore the form dere is write the new gal name so i juz only wanted 2 remind her nicely lor nt sae i tok 2 her in a very rude way lor.
Den nw i kanna all the scolding fr both side damm idiotic lor i juz do wat u all wan also kanna hw would i noe is she do 1 . If i noe is tt old haggard VP do 1 i sure tell her no nid 1 mah u tink i no brain 1 meh.

I really hate ppl use their highly on top the postition to put pressure on those peanuts postition 1 lor. Tink they so high up, nt scared tt 1 day tt peanut postition employee climb all the way up them den they noe. Hw can they b so demanding 1! wat if i m smebody, hu are related to those high status people 1 sure gif them pressure back

OLD HAGGARD, UGLY-HEARTED OLD LADY better show sme mercy o else ur nx life becume beggar

So angry argh

My life, My Way



Abt Mi

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